Live With Regis and Kathie Lee
March 18, 1997

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Coming up it's Live With Regis and Kathie Lee.   Today, stardate Tuesday, March 18th, 1997, she's the captain of one of television's most enterprising series, from Star Trek Voyager, actress Kate Mulgrew and he's the toast of Broadway in the blockbuster hit, Victor, Victoria, Michael Nouri.   Plus where do you go when you're a chart topping success?  No Mercy tells us and sings their latest hit.  Also, fasten your seat belts as Joe Segal takes us on his road to the Academy Awards. All next on Live.  Now here are Regis Philbin and Kate Mulgrew.

Regis Philbin:  Hi everybody, nice to see you.  Thank you, very much.  It's Tuesday, March 18th, 1997, the day after St. Patrick's Day, about 46 degrees and sunny but we're expecting, believe it or not, maybe six inches of snow tonight.  Pitch hitting for Kathie Lee, who is on a two week vacation, hey, Kate Mulgrew.  Kate Mulgrew.  The name of your series is, uhhh...

Kate Mulgrew:  Come on, Regis.

Regis Philbin:  No.  Voyager in Deep Space...I'm sorry, what is it?

Kate Mulgrew:  Star Trek Voyager.

Regis Philbin:  But there are so many variations on this Star Trek thing, you know?

Kate Mulgrew:  Yes, but I'm the co-host today.

Regis Philbin:  I know you are.  All the sudden it got away from me.  Oooh, and she's a tough co-host.

Kate Mulgrew:  I am.

Regis Philbin:  Kate Mulgrew, a good Irish name.

Kate Mulgrew:  Indeed.  Where were you yesterday?

Regis Philbin:  We were here in New York.  Were you---you weren't here...

Kate Mulgrew:  I came in last night.

Regis Philbin:  Last night.

Kate Mulgrew:  Had drinks appropriately with my sister.

Regis Philbin:  Uh huh, good.  Last night?

Kate Mulgrew:  At the hotel bar, yeah.

Regis Philbin:  Was there much action around town last night?

Kate Mulgrew:  No, it was very subdued.  Was there a parade here yesterday?

Regis Philbin:  Oh, absolutely.

Kate Mulgrew:  Huh?

Regis Philbin:  There's a parade every St. Patrick's Day.

Kate Mulgrew:  I know there is.

Regis Philbin:  Giant one with the usual mayhem and madness and most people have a lot of fun.

Kate Mulgrew:  Yeah.

Regis Philbin:  Yeah, it's great.

Kate Mulgrew:  The Irish contingent here is significant, isn't it?  And you?

Regis Philbin:  Are you still out in space in your series?  This ship has been out there so long and it's up to Captain Janeway to bring them back.

Kate Mulgrew:  Well, at least you know I'm Captain Janeway.

Regis Philbin:  Yes.  Bring the whole space ship back to earth, but how long is it going to take?

Kate Mulgrew:  Well, we do want this series to go on, don't we.  I would like another two or three seasons.

Regis Philbin:  Would you really?

Kate Mulgrew:  I keep trying to make mistakes to keep us out there.

Regis Philbin:  No kidding.  So how long---when did you start the series?

Kate Mulgrew:  Three years ago.

Regis Philbin:  Three years ago.  So you want five years lost in outer space.  Hey, there's a good name for a show.  That was the first one, wasn't it, Lost in Space, years ago.

Kate Mulgrew:  No.  No.

Regis Philbin:  Years ago.

Kate Mulgrew:  But that wasn't Star Trek.

Regis Philbin:  No it wasn't.  This was before Star Trek.

Kate Mulgrew:  Was it?  I don't think so.

Regis Philbin:  Lost in Space.

Kate Mulgrew:  So you're a pretty ardent Trekker, I gather from this conversation.

Regis Philbin:  So ardent, sooo ardent, Miss Mulgrew, that I dressed up as a friend of yours and went trick-or-treating Halloween day right on the west side of Manhattan.

Kate Mulgrew:  As a what?  What did you go as?

Regis Philbin:  As a  Ferengi, thank you very much.

(clip from 10/31/96 of Regis Philbin terrorizing NYC as a Ferengi)

Regis Philbin:  When I saw that poor woman jump...

Kate Mulgrew:  It's so typical of New York.  Nobody cares.

Regis Philbin:  Until you get up close to them, then they care.

Kate Mulgrew:  Exactly.  Two inches away from here.

Regis Philbin:  (picks up newspaper)  Interesting story here in the Daily News. David Bianculli.  Now you know this carefully orchestrated coming out of Ellen, on the ABC network.

Kate Mulgrew:  Carefully and forever orchestrated.  Has it happened yet?

Regis Philbin:  Not yet.  Not yet.  See, in other words, you don't know about other shows.  You just know about---

Kate Mulgrew:  That's all I care about.  Who's coming out on Voyager.

Regis Philbin:  Well let me tell you, Bianculli  has some suggestions.  He says, you know it's taking so long for her to come out, that perhaps some other actresses might consider this.  Murphy Brown.  You know, if you think Dan Quayle was shocked by the single motherhood, imagine how he'd react to a change in Murphy's sexual orientation.

Kate Mulgrew:  (reading ahead, gasps and tries to grab newspaper)  I'm jumping to this---

Regis Philbin:  (pulling paper away)  Just a minute, please!

Kate Mulgrew:  No!  That's terrible!

Regis Philbin:  Well, it could be.

Kate Mulgrew:  Captain Janeway?

Regis Philbin:  I want you to think about it.  Xena the Warrior Princess isn't much of a stretcher at all.  Xena and her sidekick, Gabrielle are constant companions anyway.  And now finally, Star Trek Voyager.  This would be the logical way to go for Captain Janeway.

Kate Mulgrew:  Why is that woman nodding in the audience.

Regis Philbin:  Bianculli  goes on to say 'who has the tightest space bun this side of Princess Leia.  It would also give the writers a chance to chart a new frontier for TV's leading ladies and boldly go where no one has gone before.'

Kate Mulgrew:  (grabs paper)  I just want to see this, Regis.  Well at least they've got The Nanny in here as well.

Regis Philbin:  That's what it's all about.  Nanny would be a stretch.

Kate Mulgrew:  But I want to ask you this, seriously.  She has shot herself in the foot by waiting so long, don't you --- Ellen has.

Regis Philbin:  Well, I think it's taken terribly long, but you know, they, dilly-dallying...

Kate Mulgrew:  (to audience)  Don't you agree?

(audience applauds)

Kate Mulgrew:  I mean isn't the whole point to titillate the audience?  It's no longer titillating, is it?

Regis Philbin:  I know.  I, for one, get over titillation pretty quick these days.

Kate Mulgrew:  Now let's talk about your life in titillation.

Regis Philbin:  Nah, not really.  I haven't been titillated in years.

Kate Mulgrew:  You liar.  You liar.

Regis Philbin:  So tell me about your life, Mulgrew.  You know this is a woman who has done a little bit of everything--- once in a motion picture with Richard Burton---

Kate Mulgrew:  I  have a great life.

Regis Philbin:  Once in a motion picture with Richard Burton---

Kate Mulgrew:  That's right.

Regis Philbin:  What was that like?

Kate Mulgrew:  His last picture.  It was fabulous.

Regis Philbin:  His last movie?

Kate Mulgrew:  You must know this about Richard Burton, which I think that it's time that the world understands, because I think his reputation is very checkered, very colored, and inappropriately so.  He was so kind to me. I was a young girl.  I was 23 years old and I played his wife, which was difficult because he was, of course, much older.  But he was so compassionate and so gentle and so caring of me at that time---that whole film.  I'll never forget it.

Regis Philbin:  Sounds like this young 23 year old girl developed what they call a crush.

Kate Mulgrew:  I had a crush.  I had a crush---

Regis Philbin:  You fell in love with Richard Burton.

Kate Mulgrew:  ---and he put me on his knee when I turned 23 in the middle of this.

Regis Philbin:  (chuckles)  Ah...

Kate Mulgrew:  Ahh, the proverbial knee, see?

Regis Philbin:  (still chuckling)

Kate Mulgrew:  He says he hasn't been titillated; he remembers the knee.

Regis Philbin:  Sit on my knee; let me tell you about Shakespeare.

Kate Mulgrew:  And he sang 'How to Handle a Woman' in a castle in Ireland.

Regis Philbin:  Oh my gosh, well you're killing us.

Kate Mulgrew:  He was a great man.  That was a wonderful chapter in my life.  But I've had a terrific life.

Regis Philbin:  Sounds like you have.

Kate Mulgrew:  I've got two sons.   I have a career that I adore.  I have six or seven intimate friendships that are very important to me.

(audience laughs)

Kate Mulgrew:  (holds up paper)  You can read it in the paper.

Regis Philbin:  We should have definitely pre-interviewed her before the show.

Kate Mulgrew:  I couldn't find you last night.

Regis Philbin:  She also played---you all know Detective Columbo---his wife.

Kate Mulgrew:  Mistake.

Regis Philbin:  Was it a mistake?

Kate Mulgrew:  Well Peter Falk has been so splendid in that role, right?

Regis Philbin:  Everybody wanted to know who this woman was.

Kate Mulgrew:  I was 24 years old playing a 37 year old woman.  The audience being as smart as it's always been said I don't think so madam.

Regis Philbin:  Well, now that I know you a little more and have known him for a long time, no, they're absolutely wrong.

Kate Mulgrew:  It didn't work.

Regis Philbin:  Didn't work at all?

Kate Mulgrew:  No.

Regis Philbin:  Does it hurt when something like that doesn't work out?  I mean you have no control over these things but---

Kate Mulgrew:  (recrosses leg turning away from Regis Philbin)  Does it hurt?  Does it hurt the ego?  Yeah, but ego was made to be hurt, so it was fine.

Regis Philbin:  Did you notice the body English here?  The woman was like this (crosses leg one way)...

Kate Mulgrew:  (recrosses leg toward Regis Philbin)  All right, I'm coming back, I'm coming back.

Regis Philbin:  The woman was giving; the woman was wanting.  All I said was did it hurt that that particular role failed.

Kate Mulgrew:  Yeah, I like to see the body posturing---

Regis Philbin:  Did it hurt?  I'll tell you how it hurts.

Kate Mulgrew:  It always hurts.  You've never failed in your life professionally?

Regis Philbin:  I still am.  Do you think for one minute that this is a success? This is hanging on by your fingertips.

Kate Mulgrew:  Oh, nonsense.  It's a great success.

Regis Philbin:  Four days out of five the tips fail and I go down.  No, but that's interesting.  I mean you've worked with some real giants, but it's curious that they've always cast you as older than you were.

Kate Mulgrew:  I played David Jansen's mistress when I was just a baby.

Regis Philbin:  No kidding.

Kate Mulgrew:  Remember him and his wife.  Six months in Europe with David Jansen and a paper bag.

Regis Philbin:  So you've done just about everything.  And now, three years lost in space.

Kate Mulgrew:  But this was a shock to me.  First of all I had never liked science fiction.  I was completely unfamiliar with it.  I had never watched Star Trek.  Right?  Then I go.  Somebody sends me a script.  They are looking for a new captain.  I didn't know what they were talking about.  Captain of what?  Is this a series, is this a movie, is this a commercial, is this a joke, what's up?  I read it and I thought, well, whatever it is, she's beautifully written, so I should just go in.   And in I went, and I think it stood me in good stead, my ignorance, because I just gave Janeway Mulgrew.

Regis Philbin:  Absolutely.  No preconceived notions about it, just went in and did it, and the nice part about the role is that you were one of the few that I could see on the ship who doesn't have that horrible makeup on.

Kate Mulgrew:  Can you imagine doing that?

Regis Philbin:  What is it with those people with the spots and the things and the funny ridges in their face and their hair.

Kate Mulgrew:  You can't pay them enough.  Some of those guys are in makeup five, six hours.

Regis Philbin:  Well, I know.  The Ferengi that I did was ...I spent two hours in the chair.  It was a killer.

Kate Mulgrew:  You were in the chair for two hours.

Regis Philbin:  Two hours, I thought I'd go crazy.  But the guy who does it for real is in there more than that.  I think three and a half hours.

Kate Mulgrew:  Yes, and you can't breathe in these prosthetics so you get terrible headaches.

Regis Philbin:  No, what you do is hard work.  It really is.

Kate Mulgrew:  It is hard work.

Regis Philbin:  How are your boys?

Kate Mulgrew:  My boys'm looking at my watch.

Regis Philbin:  They're going into their teens.

Kate Mulgrew:  My boys are going through puberty.

Regis Philbin:  Yes and what is that like for a mother?

Kate Mulgrew:  It's interesting.  How many mothers of pubescent boys are in this audience.

(audience unenthusiastically yeahs)

Kate Mulgrew:  Look at them.

Regis Philbin:  Yes.

Kate Mulgrew:  Yeah, I'm here, and that's essentially it, and a doctor explained to me and this helped me a lot and I adore my sons and I like to say I have passionate relationships with my sons.  We have good conversations; it's all open, but it's wild.  And a doctor said to me well if you were injecting them six times a day with a drug, that's essentially the journey they are taking every day.  It's wack out time.

Regis Philbin:  That's how strong those hormones are.

Kate Mulgrew:  Of course, it's testosterone. (referring to Regis) I want to see him change his body posture.

Regis Philbin:  But you gotta remember that one of these boys may even grow up to be Richard Burton.

Kate Mulgrew:  I don't think so.  I don't think we have an actor in the house. Film makers, doctors, lawyers are good.

Regis Philbin:  So you're going --- you're not going on this outward bound trip with the boys?

Kate Mulgrew:  I am going with my sons and my oldest son's best friend.

Regis Philbin:  Let me tell you, I've been through the outward bound experience with my youngest daughter, J. J., who, frankly loved it.  She's an outgoing kid.

Kate Mulgrew:  When did you do this?

Regis Philbin:  I didn't go on with her, but I lived through her experience and she went back year after year to do it again.

Kate Mulgrew:  Well, this is not outward bound per say.  It's not the traditional outward bound.

Regis Philbin:  What is it, a trip to Malibu Beach?

Kate Mulgrew:  I don't want to sound arrogant about it, it's kind of a first class outward bound.  I mean have a jeep and I have a guide---

Regis Philbin:  Oooo.

Kate Mulgrew:  --- and I have a cook.

Regis Philbin:  Oooo.

(audience laughs)

Kate Mulgrew:  Give me a break.

Regis Philbin:  She's beginning to sound like Kathie Lee.  A jeep, a cook and a guide?

Kate Mulgrew:  But we live with the tribe for five days and nights.  We shoot the rapids for four days.  Then we take a hot air balloon over the vast coffee fields of Costa Rica, pick up our horses and gallop to the other side.  Dive to the bottom of the sea, come home and I should be canonized, right?

Regis Philbin:  That sounds like quite an adventure.

Kate Mulgrew:  It's going to be great.  Do you think I'll survive?

Regis Philbin:  Yeah, I think you will.  You.  I don't know about the boys, but you'll survive.  Well, all right, tonight --- this is what television and our culture has come to --- tonight MTV at ten o'clock at night will have a press conference to tell you all who they think murdered Tupac Shakur.  Can you believe that?

Kate Mulgrew:  I just can't believe what's going on.  What about Big Papa?  Did you read about that?

Regis Philbin:  Yeah, absolutely.

Kate Mulgrew:  What do you think about that?

Regis Philbin:  Well, I think it's terrible, you know these murders that are breaking out.

Kate Mulgrew:  But what's really going on?  Can we talk about it or is it sort of taboo to talk about what's really going on.  This is gangster land, right?

Regis Philbin:  Have you heard what's going on?

Kate Mulgrew:  Well, yes, I have.  Two pubescent sons, I know everything about this.

Regis Philbin:  Well, I think it's rival gangs too.

Kate Mulgrew:  It is rival gangs.  But here's my question and perhaps it's naïve. I'm going to throw it to you because you're a very sophisticated and erudite man.  Would not a man in his position, or Big Papa's position, by virtue of their celebrity and their power, be protected?

Regis Philbin:  Oh, I'm sure, yes.

Kate Mulgrew:  But they're not protected, Regis.  They're being murdered.

Regis Philbin:  You know it's very hard to protect even the president of the United States that tightly, that securely twenty-four hours a day.  There are holes, gaps in the security that a sharp shooter can get through and do what he's supposed to do. You know.

Kate Mulgrew:  I think it's deeper.

(audience laughs)

Regis Philbin:  What have you heard in outer space?

Kate Mulgrew:  I don't know.  It's true, in the 24th century we do things a little differently.

Regis Philbin:  You get a Ferengi (mumbles) the Ferengi goes and does it.

Kate Mulgrew:  We are protected.

Regis Philbin:  Anyway, MTV---

Kate Mulgrew:  But it's tragic.

Regis Philbin:  It is.

Kate Mulgrew:  But not any more tragic than --- can I bring this up?  What about that girl in the coma who was raped and just had the baby?

Regis Philbin:  Yeaaah.

Kate Mulgrew:  I was having my make-up put on and I am listening to this and thinking 'this is just extraordinary.'  She was in the coma.  She was violated.  She managed somehow to carry this child and now I guess the parents have taken the baby and she died.  It's just amazing, isn't it?

Regis Philbin:  You make me feel like I did it.

Kate Mulgrew:  You're so bad.

Regis Philbin:  You've got that prosecuturial tone, you know?

Kate Mulgrew:  Yeah, but I mean the news is just crazy.  And what about the CIA?

Regis Philbin:   Anthony Lake says he's tired of having his life picked apart by all these people---

Kate Mulgrew:  He does.

Regis Philbin:  --- to find out if he is worthy of being the CIA chief.  I don't know if I could take that kind of scrutiny.

Kate Mulgrew:  I couldn't.

Regis Philbin:  I'll bet you couldn't.

Kate Mulgrew:   He says he's incapable now.

Regis Philbin:  He's incapable---

Kate Mulgrew:   The whole thing is public service, is it not?

Regis Philbin:  Absolutely.

Kate Mulgrew:  We don't let our politicians serve the public anymore because we are so busy saying I don't like your hair, I don't like your manners, I don't like your morals, I don't like your height, I don't like your weight.

(audience cheers)

Kate Mulgrew:  Listen.  Let them do their job.  They let you do yours, don't they, and me do mine.

Regis Philbin:  Somebody's ---

Kate Mulgrew:  (laughs)  I'm sorry.

Regis Philbin:  ---stopping me from doing ---

Kate Mulgrew:  I'm sorry.

Regis Philbin:  --- my job right now.

Kate Mulgrew:  I'm sorry.

Regis Philbin:  This is good --- unleash all of it... Listen you don't get the chance to talk like this up there in lost in space.

Kate Mulgrew:  Exactly, I can't talk like this.

Regis Philbin:  Speaking of --- what else do you have on your mind?

Kate Mulgrew:  Tractor beams.

Regis Philbin:  Excuse me?

Kate Mulgrew:  Tractor beams.

Regis Philbin:  Tractor beams?

Kate Mulgrew:  Tractor beams and nebulas.

Regis Philbin:  Oh yes.

Kate Mulgrew:  What is a nebula?

Regis Philbin:  A nebula is a small biological---

Kate Mulgrew:  Beeeep.

Regis Philbin:  A nebula is a small star.  A big star.  A star.  What is it?  Tell me.  Give me a clue.

Kate Mulgrew:  It's a star.

Regis Philbin:  She thinks I'm really a dummy.

Kate Mulgrew:  I do not.

Regis Philbin:  All right, tomorrow actress Nia Peebles will be here.  The Tap Dogs perform for us.  These are six Aussies who are construction workers, began tapping on their construction sites; all of the sudden an act developed here, so we'll take a look at them.  From Saved by the Bell and new The Greg Louganis Story, the gentleman who plays Greg Louganis,  Mario Lopez.

Kate Mulgrew:  It's a wonderful story.

Regis Philbin:  And sitting right here, while you are back in Los Angeles watching the rays of the sun---

Kate Mulgrew:  (looks at card)  Betrayal.  Traitor.  Cindy Crawford next to you. You're going to be a lot happier with Cindy next to you aren't you?

Regis Philbin:  She begged.  She pleaded.  I said okay.

Kate Mulgrew:  She is a knock-out.  You won't be able to do anything.  You'll be staring at her.

Regis Philbin:  I've seen it before.

Kate Mulgrew:  (laughs)  Thank you.

Regis Philbin:  No, we were work out buddies in the old days.  I haven't worked out with her in a while, but in the old days we used to work out at Radu's Gym, here in New York.

Kate Mulgrew:  Really, what was it like working out with Cindy.

Regis Philbin:  She didn't sweat; I did.  I love your straight lines.  I'm not used to those, but thank you very much.  Speaking of models, what former model turned Grammy Award winning  singer stared in The Bodyguard and The Preacher's Wife?   I didn't know she started out as a model, but of course everybody knows---

Kate Mulgrew:  I didn't know she did either.

Regis Philbin:  So, anyway, Grammy Award winning singer, The Bodyguard, The Preacher's Wife.  Did you ever want to take a fling at modeling.  Did it ever occur to you ---

Kate Mulgrew:  Take a look at me.  Do I look like that; like I could do that?

Regis Philbin:  Yes, I think you do.  Take a look at that face.  Come on, yes. Why, you're not 6'1"?   You think that's gonna stop---

Kate Mulgrew:  It's a different kind of thing, isn't it?  I mean there's a kind of --- they love that stuff in front of the camera and I get a little, I get quite nervous about it.

Regis Philbin:  Do you really?

Kate Mulgrew:  Unless I'm acting.

Regis Philbin:  You see, well, everybody to themselves, but I mean in a million years they probably couldn't do what you're doing.  You know.  They would be intimidated by looking into that lens.

Kate Mulgrew:  You're probably right.  And it's a good thing.  If Cindy Crawford were Captain Janeway the Delta Quadrant would be in trouble right? Nobody would get any work done.

Regis Philbin:  No.  I wouldn't put a touch of Ferengi make-up on.

Kate Mulgrew:  Do you know what the Delta Quadrant is?

Regis Philbin:  Yes, it's a squadron of uh ---

Kate Mulgrew:  You don't.

Regis Philbin:  I have no idea what it is.  What is it?

Kate Mulgrew:  That's where we're stranded.  Do you know the quadrants of space, Regis?

Regis Philbin:  I know the moon, the stars, the sun, the planet Venus.  What are the quadrants?

Kate Mulgrew:  Alpha.  Anyone else here know them?

Regis Philbin:  Beta.  Okay, so there you go.  Now we make a phone call.

(Makes call to listener who remembers Kate Mulgrew from Ryan's Hope. Regis and listener discuss insurance.  Kate Mulgrew says she has life insurance.)

Kate Mulgrew:  I am insured of course, but I do think it's unimportant.  Unless you're gonna, I don't know.

Regis Philbin:  Well, you have two young sons that you have to---

Kate Mulgrew:  That will bare the fruits of that?

Regis Philbin:  Absolutely.

Kate Mulgrew:  Umhumm.

Regis Philbin:  Should anything happen to mommy, it's important.

Kate Mulgrew:   Lends a whole new meaning to murder, doesn't it?

(Regis asks listener the model/singer/actress question.  She answers Whitney Houston and wins a set of cookware.  Commercial break.)

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