Live With Regis and Kathie Lee
March 18, 1997
Michael Nouri Interview

Kate looking off stage....

KATE: " I mean folks it's getting a little (makes face) you know what I mean."

REGIS: "Anyway, here he is, a terrific actor, Michael Nouri everybody."

KATE:  "Ah, that's wonderful."

REGIS:  "What's so wonderful about being 6'3?"

REGIS: "What is this mythical edge tall men have over average and short men?"

KATE:  "Mythical?"

KATE: "How many....have you been?"

KATE: "Am I married?"

KATE: "Not at the moment."

KATE: "Yeah, you're kind of in the---"

REGIS: "All right!  She's beautiful.  We're going to take a break and calm down.  We have to get over this."
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