Live With Regis and Kathie Lee
March 18, 1997
Michael Nouri Interview
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MICHAEL: "Been a lot of applicants for the position of fitting her wardrobe. They've created a union."

KATE:  "Oh, awful, isn't it?  'Hi Raquel...'"

KATE: "And I know where."

MICHAEL: "We're going to travel to a nebula together."

REGIS: "You two kids look good together."

KATE: "We do?  What do you think the age difference is here, Regis?"

REGIS:  "A couple of months.  No, not really, I'd say no more than seven years."

KATE: "Regis, you could try that again."

KATE: "I love Pink's hotdogs."

REGIS:  "He wants to stay."

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