Live With Regis and Kathie Lee
March 18, 1997
Oscar Predictions
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REGIS: "And still he lingers on."

REGIS: "I've tried folks but...he's such a big boy it's hard to push him out". 

MICHAEL: "I have no where to go."
Regis introduces film critic, Joel Segal. Joel has an idea for a movie for next season. It involves a very attractive actress on a talk show substituting for the co-host who meets a gorgeous 6' 4" Broadway actor. Sparks fly! 
While Segal picked Francis McDormand in "Fargo" for Best Actress; Kate liked Emily Watson in "Breaking the Waves". 

KATE: "Francis McDormand was absolutely splendid. She was quite remarkable in 'Fargo'." 

KATE: "But by degree, we're talking about illuminance in the performance of Emily Watson."

KATE: "Did you not think it transcended acting?"

Regis thanks his co-host.

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Kate & Michael pay a "surprise" visit to Rosie!

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