Tea at Five Poster
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    Kate  appeared in
"Tea at Five" 
February 7th to March 17th, 2002
April 7th to 13th, 2002
at Hartford Stage
Tea at Five at the Promenade Theatre

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Totally Kate and her 'Two Regular Transcribers' Weekend in Hartford
A Conversation with Kate Mulgrew
Angela Churm's "Tea at Five" Review

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March 16th, 2002
New Show About Hepburn At Hartford Stage
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'Voyager's' Kate Mulgrew and playwright Matthew Lombardo take on Katharine Hepburn
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A Delicate Balance:
Matthew Lombardo's Challenge: Writing About a Living Legend Who's So Private
Hartford Courant 2/10/02
Hartford Native, Gay Playwright Matthew Lombardo’s “Tea at Five” Premieres at Hartford Stage
Early Feb. 2002
One Kate to another: Mulgrew portrays Hepburn
USA Today 2/14/02
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After The Ovations & Libations, Kate's Party Fits Her To A Tea
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