Live With Regis and Kathie Lee
March 18, 1997
Host Chat

Regis: " I haven't been titillated in years."

Kate: "You liar.  You liar."

Kate: "He says he hasn't been titillated; he remembers the knee."

Regis: " We should have definitely pre-interviewed her before the show."

Regis:  "Did you notice the body English here?  The woman was like this..."

Kate:  "All right, I'm coming back, I'm coming back."

Regis: "The woman was giving; the woman was wanting.  All I said was did it hurt that that particular role failed."

Kate: "I played David Jansen's mistress when I was just a baby."

Kate: "Captain of what?  Is this a series, is this a movie, is this a commercial, is this a joke, what's up?"

Kate:  "How many mothers of pubescent boys are in this audience."

Kate: " Of course, it's testosterone. (referring to Regis) I want to see him change his body posture."


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